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Frank Olsson BluesRoad

   In the Shade



                  Frank Olsson





Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vox. Also play

Harp,Alto, Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Flute, Trumpet, Violin, Keyboards & Drums.


Teaching: Guitar, Bass & Ensemble


If You Need My Services As A Musician or Teacher 

Phone Or Mail Me: Tel: 070 - 457 33 26               


    Prince Django af Gotlanthia


Look out for News everyday interesting things may happen! Just push the button(word) ! Push pictures to see my bands!

Frank Olsson Blues Road also known as Frank Olsson Experience will soon presentate new recordings, pictures and layout Kisto and Fred with Frank appear soon in a new shape, a lot hendrix music also on our repertoire beside our own work




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